Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Learn Dutch Through Music: Part I

One of the best ways I have found to learn Dutch is through listening to Dutch music. Particularly if it's something catchy, you can find yourself singing along without even realizing it. You pick up the words, find out what they mean and see how they're supposed to be used grammatically. There are so many wonderful Dutch artists, it's not hard to find a great song to learn.

To improve my Dutch, back in September 2009, I joined a close harmony vocal group called Divina Close Harmony. The only member of the group not fluent in Dutch is me. Every Monday from 7:30-10 I rehearse with the group and rehearsals are conducted completely in Dutch. Though most of our repertoire consists of English songs, we do have a few Dutch numbers (and Spanish and French, but that's another story). I cannot tell you how many vocabulary words I have picked up through learning the Dutch numbers and how the grammar usage has saved me on numerous writing assignments and tests.

For the first installment of my Learn Dutch Through Music series, I wanted to put together a playlist of some of the songs that we sing in Divina with accompanying lyrics and their English Translations. Enjoy Learn Dutch Through Music!

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