Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spring 2009 Hairstyles Trends - Short Haircuts

Popular looks for 2009 spring hairstyles and summer haircuts. The 2009 spring hairstyles including the always fashion angled bob, the crop haircut, pixie cuts, fringe bangs style , natural layers, and wavy hair. Here are some pictures of the best short trendy hairstyles for all spring 2009 for women.

Straight Short hairstyle medium length
Spring 2009 Hairstyles Trends
Short trendy hairstyles spring 2009
Short trendy hairstyles Spring 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ultra Modern Bob Hairstyles for Short Length Hair

Though the bob hairstyle was invented about 80 years ago, it has remained a popular option for short hair since then. In that time it has been extended, shortened, twisted, curled and, most recently, inverted! The bob is definitely the most flexible modern short hairstyle there is, and it owes its long life to this fact.

Ultra Modern Bob Hairstyles for Short Length Hair

The modern bob can best be described by its interplay with the shape of the face. A woman who gets a modern bob can expect her stylist to carefully study her chin, forehead, brows, nose and cheekbones, because the bob can be designed to call attention to a single one of these features, or to a more general facial area (forehead and brows, chin and cheekbones).

2009 Short Bob Hairstyles for Short Length Hair

Regardless of the basic nature of your natural look, whether curly or straight, colored or not, parted, permed or plaited, there is an option for the bob that will work for you. In all these options, however, the bob will have the effect of framing of the face. This effect is created by the bob’s usual tresses or strands running down both sides of the face.

Even in short bobs, you will see this framing effect performed by a strand or two of hair positioned in harmonious balance near the sideburn area. In the inverted bob, a very modern look, the framing effect is severe and arresting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Short Choppy Hairstyles for Punk Rock Girls

Short choppy hairstyle with different colors. If you want a new look and to be a trendy woman, you can try these cool new short hairstyles looking funky.

Short Green choppy haircuts
green Short choppy haircuts The latest blue Short choppy haircuts
The latest blue Short choppy haircutsShort haircuts for punk girls
Short choppy haircuts

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas for Brides

Weddings are always changing, and yet they remain timeless, especially when we look at the hairstyles of the bride and her handmaids. There is no doubt that the most popular look for brides has been the princess updo.

This has been the preferred style for decades, and it will remain so for many more. There is a good reason for this. The height of a good updo creates a sense of elegance and style in the wearer, and the strands that can be allowed stay down the sides of the face serve to frame the eyes and cheekbones of the bride in a playful way that suits the joyful event. However, many young women feel that they need to stand out in their appearance, and they often opt for different looks.

When chosen carefully, this can create a wonderfully wild and fun feel to the wedding. But the choice must be done clearly and carefully, because if the bridesmaids are given to understand that they all have complete freedom to chose their own hairstyles, the end result could be upstaging styles on the part of one or more maids, or a complete jumble of unrelated haircuts that fail to enhance the event in any way.

If the bride opts for a short and curled bob, a stylist should coordinate her look with the bridesmaids, ensuring that each woman has a short look that does not compete for the eye with the bride’s hairdo. This applies to any choice the bride makes, eventually. Communicate clearly and enjoy the results!

Sophisticated Hairstyles for 2009 Spring-Summer

When everyone is looking for long hairstyles you still have much broad range of short hairstyles to choose from. Most importantly, you must know your facial structure and the body type before you conclude any of the short hairstyles you want to go.

2009 most popular short hair styles with highlights

short bob hairstyles with side parted hair
To give a pixie a hipper feel, hair is snipped asymmetrically. The longer side of the cut is directed forward to veil short, cury bangs that are achoed by flirty spikes at the far back of the crown.

Cutting Edge hairstyles for 2009 spring
If you want to take your hair this short, it helps if you have model-like features, because there's nothing you can hide behind. The bare but beautiful boyish cut features short, blunt bangs and sheared sides. Styling is practically non-existent. You can achieve this style by simply blow dry, comb in place and go.

short celebrity hairstyles for spring-summer 2009
If your hair is thick, cutting it short does not mean losing out in the fullness department. By positioning long layers through the crown and styling them forward with volumizer and round brush, you've got a look that's sure to turn some heads.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 Spring Haircuts - Katie Holmes Hairstyles Pictures

When Katie Holmes, the star of major hit movies such as “Mad Money” and “The Dark Knight,” wears a new hairstyle, every major hairstylist in the country notices her choice!

Katie has proven to be a true trendsetter for her sexy hairstyles. She is one of those lucky girls with a perfectly oval face and supremely delicate features, and there just aren’t many looks that don’t work for her, as attested by the mountainous volume of paparazzi photos and glamorous spreads in the best fashion magazines. Her flexibility and talent for looking good in any hair became evident in the second year of “Dawson’s Creek,” the hit TV series that launched her career.

When she did wear short styles, Katie discovered that they looked great on her. Since then, she has become a real leader in the rediscovery of the bob. With her pixie nose and chin, a short bob looks great on Katie, and she has exploited this in several grand red carpet appearances. Marriage and parenthood has led Katie back to longer hairdos, however. Today, she is usually seen in long and wavy glamour looks, having left the bob behind in the days of her girlhood.

Short Hairstyles With Highlights - 2009 Haircuts Trends

short hairstyles with highlights - 2009 Hairstyles2009 Hairstyles  for girlspink hair highlights - 2009 hairstyles trends2009 Hairstyles short Hair highlights for 2009 Hairstyles  20092009 Hair styles -New fresh look 20092009 Hairstyles  with highlights

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Summer 2009 Haircuts Fashion Trends

Summer has high humidity and warm weather so people do everything just to keep cool and fresh during this hot season. And one of the things people usually consider during summer is having their hair cut to adapt to the warm summer days. In this post are some of the short summer hairstyles that have consistently been fashionable this summer.

2009 summer shag short hairstyle
This hairstyle cuts your hair short at the back while creating an angle out your face. With its longer strands on the front, this is best for square and round-shaped faces and not flattering for oval faces.

summer 2009 short bob for medium length hair
Your hair is cut to chin-length all around from the front to the back. You may also opt to sport bangs or not. This short summer hairstyle looks great on all face shapes except the round types.

Flip haircut for very short hair
In this hairstyle, your hair is cut about an inch lower than your earlobes all around and made to flip out. You can wear this with or without bangs too. This summer hairstyle suits all shapes of face.

summer 2009 Boyish haircut with Short hairs
Popularized by Charlize Theron in the movie ‘The Astronaut’s Wife,’ your hair is cut short while leaving lots of bangs just above the ears. This is perfect for that cute disheveled look which is best for summer.

short medium hair with Layered Spike look
Here, your hair is cut above the ears in various layers. You can wear it by parting slightly to one side to effect an added flare. This short summer hairstyle is best for women with oval or heart-shaped faces.

Shaggy Bob haircuts for 2009 summer
If you prefer the messy, wind-blown look, then this summer hairstyle is perfect. Its chin-length cut tapers slightly at the front. You have several options of sporting this hairstyle such as straight, flipped up, or waved back. Parting it to one side and teasing the back a little will add character to this hairstyle which is best for all face shapes.
These short hairstyles are quite perfect to wear during summer as they offer comfort, chic and elegance for that great summer look.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Short Hairstyles Pictures for 2009 Spring Summer Season

This time I'll present some great Short Hair Ideas for upcoming Spring and Summer months of 2009. Enjoy this great Short Hairstyles Photos.

Short Hairstyles Pictures for 2009 Spring Summer Season

Short Hairstyles for 2009 Spring Summer Season

Short Haircuts 2009 Spring Summer Season

Short Hairstyles Pictures for 2009 Spring Summer Season

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rihanna Short Haircut Styles Pictures Gallery

Rihanna short boyish cut hairstyles
If you are looking to recreate Rihannas recent look in your bedroom, you would not be alone and with more and more people asking their hairdressers “How to get Rihannas haircut?” It’s time for a little investigating!

Rihannas sexy bob Hairstyle

Chemical relaxers are normally used with hair that isn’t already dead straight and this is best achieved in the hairdressers to reduce the risk of burnt scalps. Once this is completed, straightening the hair is necessary to give it that poker straight look that has become reminiscent of the young singers hairstyle. The hair is then cut while it is straight to give the best results.

Rihannas medium short HaircutKeeping the Rihanna hairstyle once you have left the salon will need a lot of maintenance. The hair will need to be kept in the best condition that it can and if you have black hair, specific conditioners and shampoos will be needed to give it that shine that Rihannas hair always has. Styling products are a must have but not ones that will leave your hair greasy and these will need to be applied after they have been straightened to give the best effect. Once complete and maintained, you too could have the official Rihanna hairstyle!