Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taylor Swift Curly Hairstyle with Braids in Love Story

I love Taylor Swift “Love Story” very much!!I saw Taylor Swift's video for Love Story the other day and I LOVE her hair.She is such a beautiful woman!Here are some pictures of  Taylor Swift hairstyle in love story, her blond color curly hairstyle with braids.Print out photos of Taylor Swift hairstyles. Save images print and take to your hairdresser.

Taylor Swift hairstyle braid

This is such a beautiful hairstyle, good for prom!

Taylor Swift latest haircut

Taylor Swift curly hairstyle with braids

Taylor Swift curly hairstyle with braids

Taylor Swift hairstyle in love story

Taylor Swift love stroy

I'm not sure if I can pull the EXACT hairstyle off since my hair isn't quite as long as hers or as curly, but I really want something similar, just trying to figure out how to make my veil work with it!! We'll all have to post pictures of our hair on here after our weddings to see how they come out!!!

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